What a year it has been. Many months ago, I wrote some initial reflections on the shift caused by Covid-19, with a hint of excitement for the fundamental changes and (perhaps counterintuitively) individual freedoms this will bring to our work lives. Almost a year later, I’m revisiting those thoughts and collecting some new conclusions on the so-called ‘biggest experiment in (forced) remote work’. Here it goes.

If you’re naturally a self-starter, you’ve probably enjoyed the newly discovered freedoms of remote work in terms of job design, routine design and energy management. …

Landing in the new world of languages

Languages have been my passion since forever (well, maybe since as soon as I got to do it voluntarily after school). I’ve tipped my toes, to different degrees of success into German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian in addition to English and my native Romanian.

I find myself voluntarily embarking on a new learning journey every few years, and I’ve been known to develop a number of ‘language crushes’, mainly due to observing attractive people speaking a language I don’t yet speak. I won’t judge if you won’t :)

I learned a few things in this journey, and today I’ll share…

Before we start, a note: This article doesn’t contain affiliate links because I have no idea how to use them.

It is February 18th, one day before the 145th anniversary of a Romanian sculpture called Brancusi (which if you weren’t familiar with, I recommend you check out), 4 days after Valentines and 17 books into my year.

After a rollercoaster of some-lows-and-many-highs 2020, back in December I decided to set up a goal I’ve had had my eyes on for a while.

In 2021, I was going to read 100 books.

Books from wide genres, both fiction and non-fiction, short…

I will say it up front, I love(d) it.

The past few months have been for me the most condensed professional and personal development experience to date, and the learnings I've had are so many that I couldn't possibly include them all here. And yet I'll try.

I'll start by saying that, while the situation I found myself in was definitely a privileged one (so many have lost their job during the past months), it hasn't been easy, definitely not at first. Yet, especially because of that, this period has been both empowering and inspiring; Let me explain why.


Theodora Negrea

I write an ever growing series of curiosity-driven experiments into everything it means to be remotely human

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